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The Adventures of …….

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Here at Equinox Equestrian Center we have two herds on the property in addition to the show horses that have individual turn out. It is fun watching their dynamics as occasionally it changes. Especially with our Bachelor herd which is made up of 6 geldings. Our other herd is the Old Guys herd. It is made up of 4 mares with 1 gelding in it. The gelding is in his early 30’s and 3 of the mares are in their 20’s. At times watching the herds is like watching a soap opera so for our “episodes” the Old Guys herd will be “airing” under the title of “The Golden Herd” and the Bachelor herd will be “airing” under the title of “As the Farm turns”. Any other horses that are guest starring in the herds will normally be in a paddock next to the herd.